Na Thatti, dispomos de uma vasta gama de de torneiras para cozinha e casa de banho, cada uma delas desenhada para diferentes contextos e para uma maior adaptabilidade a qualquer espaço. Em todas, salvaguardamos a funcionalidade e a ergonomia, de modo a garantir eficácia e conforto nas cozinhas e casas de banho. Descubra-as:

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  • Elegante

    The name says it all. Elegante - elegant - series presents bathroom taps and mixers with a simple and light design that adds a touch of elegance to any space. The ergonomic shape and the long lines gives these mixers a very practical aspect which makes them ideal for every day life.

  • Clássica

    Clássica series taps and mixers a practical and always safe option, with a touch of elegance, to greater adaptability and functionality in the bathroom and in the kitchen. Your traditional line of excellence is synonymous of quality, great price and timelessness.

  • Perfeita

    Simple, clean contemporary and ergonomic design is what best describes Perfeita series. Featuring a body made with brass rod and a cylindrical  handle and spout, it results in pieces of excellence in taps for bathroom and kitchen that won’t disappoint.

  • Ómega

    Designed with straight lines that give them a very contemporary final touch, the Ómega series of faucets is a safe but modern choice, which will complete the perfect appearence of your bathroom. For those who are all about simple and elegant pieces that still make a difference in any space, these mixer taps are an excelent option!

  • Mini

    Minimalism and functionality are the characteristics that define the taps of the Mini series. Very practical, these faucets have been specially designed for the lovers of simplicity and the truly ergonomic design. Its classic style makes it fit easily into any bathroom, which makes it a very safe option.

  • Quadrada

    A original and a cubic shape. Taps with a strong personality that won't go unnoticed and that make it hard to be indifferent to. Not forgeting funccionality and ergonomics, these Quadrada faucets for bathroom will be statement pieces to your spaces.

  • Plano
  • Atlântico

    A simple, light, yet quite elegant series of mixers, Atlântico line is definitly a safe option in which you can trust to serve its purposes and to fit, as wanted, in your spaces. Its subtle design, with long lines, make these faucets election pieces for those who look for elegance and ergonomy.

  • Europa

    Europa series was born from the crossing between the practical and timeless Clássica line and the will to modernize. It's a subtel series of faucets with long shapes that will easily fit into any space and that will specially adapt for the busy moments of a bathroom.

  • WT

    A series of bathroom and kitchen faucets that emphasize functionality and robustness. Besides really reliable, WT taps are very versatile, featuring a simple and almost classic design, as well as several options of choice in the handles, so that everything fits well into the spaces where they will be inserted.

  • Linha Star

    The Star series of mixer taps allies the easy adaptability of a classical and tímeles design with a robust and ergonomic shape. The ideal line of taps for the everyday use on our bathrooms and kitchens and that can easily fit into any place.


    Urban inspired, the Madrid series was created to fit right into the busy day to day of a big city. With an ergonomic design of rounded geometric lines, they are robust, practical, simple and functional mixer taps that will facilitate the tasks in the bathroom and in the kitchen.

  • Milao

    Like the city of Milan, which is the reason for its name, this series of bathroom taps presents a cosmopolitan, refined and tasteful look. With a tubular shape and a simple handle, it’s an excellent and complete choice for a contemporary bathroom space that is both beautiful and practical.

  • Roma

    Based on the Elegante series’ models and with a very cosmopolitan inspiration, the Rome faucet series is an excellent and safe option for a modern bathroom. Its shape with rounded lines and its long, slim handle gives these taps the elegance and ergonomics that are always sought after in the bathroom.

  • Kitchen

    Kitchens are  a family room where the bustle and comfort of meal preparation and consumption together reign. So that you get to fully enjoy the moments spent in this place, Thatti offers a wide range of faucets that privilege functionality, without neglecting a design that adds harmony to the space.

  • INOX
  • Timed Faucets

    Specially designed for continued use in public spaces, Thatti timed taps are sturdy, robust and, in addition, environmentally friendly. Its major goals are to avoid wasting water while offering a simple and elegant piece that will easily fin into any bathroom.

  • Diverse Taps

    For places where only the use of cold water or the use of hot water is required, Thatti has a wide range of single-handle faucets. From the simplest and most traditional to the most original and irreverent, here you can find different options of this kind of taps.

  • Pedal

    Pedals and tap spouts for places that require faucets without handles

  • Thermostatic

    Thatti thermostatic taps are the best option for those who enjoy a shower or bath with the ideal temperature always constant. These faucets, with varied lines and designs, allow you to control the temperature of the water with a simple gesture of selection, guaranteeing a relaxed bath or shower, adapted to the personal taste of each one.

  • Ártico
  • Ártico
  • Ouro
  • Prata
  • Duque
  • Duquesa
  • Deluxe
  • Diamante
  • Nobre
  • Nobre
  • Prince